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The lucky charm of the water filters.

With the AVAIO CHINESE LUNAR you set a special accent. The individual pieces are finished by hand and come with a special design, where attention has been paid to aesthetics and sustainability right down to the hand-tied hose. Just as easily installed and mobile as the classic AVIAO, nothing stands in the way of your healthy drinking pleasure.

"The rabbit is a symbol of intellect and caution. According to tradition, the rabbit was one of the 12 animals that raced to the Jade Emperor in a cosmic competition that determined the order of the Chinese zodiac signs. Although it was a weak swimmer, the rabbit used its wits and decided to cross the river on a raft. So to make the most of the year, we should work smarter, not harder."

The LEOGANT Chinese Lunar series first appeared in 2019 for Chinese New Year in a limited edition of 10 pieces.

The powder coating and hand-knotted tubing in the traditional colors of red and gold make each system a special one-of-a-kind piece. The lid is decorated with a vegan leather patch made in Berlin.

decorated with this year's sign of the rabbit in Chinese calligraphy. The blue ketteling symbolizes the year under the sign of the water element. On the side is a Chinese lettering with congratulations for the new year. The hose is knotted by hand in Berlin.

"A tabletop filter where everything has been thought of."

Bacteria-proof activated carbon cartridge

Effectively removes heavy metals, copper, lead, microplastics, pathogenic germs, bacteria, fungi, drug residues, chlorine, pesticides, chemical alkalis, odors, rust particles and organic substances

Silicone hose

High quality silicone fabric hose with stainless steel kink protection and 360° swivel

Vitalisation 24 ct. gold plated

Swirling and structuring activates the water and provides a soft and fresh taste

High quality stainless steel spout

Connection and spout made of brushed stainless steel for durability and hygiene

"According to the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year between January 21 and February 21."

Product details


GFP Premium


0.4 µm




2.1 - 2.9 litres per minute (depending on water pressure)

Life cycle:

6 months (DIN EN 806)


10.000 litres

Consequential costs:

49,- Euro per cartridge; 98,- Euro per year

Material outlet:

Stainless steel matt

Connection hose:

Silicone fabric hose, 80 cm


UMH Live Gold 24 ct. gold plated



Swirl chambers:


Scope of delivery:

Filter housing
2 pieces GFP Premium
UMH Live Gold Vitalisation
Perlator key
Adapter M22 AG x M24AG
Disinfection spray
Glass bail bottle
BPA-free drinking bottle

Note on filter change according to DIN EN 806

We would like to point out that a filter change every six months is a prerequisite for the functionality and hygiene of the system. If the filter change is not carried out or is not carried out professionally, LEOGANT cannot guarantee the functionality of the water treatment system. The operator himself is liable for any contamination according to DIN EN 806/ DIN EN 1717.


  • Does a LEOGANT system also filter hormones, drugs and microplastics?
    Yes, our repeatedly tested German activated carbon cartridges safely remove residues of hormones, medicines, pesticides, microplastics, parasites, lead, copper, chlorine and many other chemical and organic residues. You can find more about this in our expert reports.
  • How do I know whether the provided adapter fits my faucet?
    The tap connection of the table-top filter fits directly onto a faucet with M22 external thread without adapter. The supplied adapter is required for a faucet with M24 internal thread. If you have an aerator with a different thread, you can order a suitable adapter as an accessory from us. Use the enclosed service key to remove the aerator.
  • Can I use the AVAIO as a travel filter?
    Our desktop filter AVAIO is characterized by its mobility and easy installation. However, it is not a travel filter in the classical sense. For travelling by car or train, however, you can simply carry the filter in a bag. Make sure that it stands upright, otherwise water will leak out. For longer journeys the cartridge should be removed and the filter should be transported dry. At the destination, a fresh cartridge must be inserted and removed and disposed of before the return journey.
  • Do I need special tools for the installation?
    No. Everything you need for the installation is included in the package. A practical key for removing the spray regulator is also included.
  • Can I use the AVAIO with a low pressure boiler?
    No. The table-top filter cannot be used in combination with a low-pressure boiler. Not even when it is switched off. The low-pressure boiler would burst and there is a risk of water damage.

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