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Natural water treatment begins with the selection of the right filter cartridge.

We only have one filter cartridge. It is preconfigured in all LEOGANT filter systems. Patented premium activated carbon filter from Germany. Minerals and trace elements remain in the water. So the water keeps its regional taste and character and a stable PH-value. The GFP Premium is a sintered activated carbon block filter cartridge for drinking water filtration. With a pore size of about 0.4 μm and 50% more activated carbon mass compared to conventional Carbonit filter cartridges. Due to the high adsorption capacity and retention rate, dissolved pollutants as well as particles and microorganisms can be extremely safely removed from the water. For us, one of the most important things is that the water simply tastes great.

"Coconut shells. Baking process. Charcoal with all natural filtering properties. The result: clear water with regional flavour. Closer to nature."

Product details


0.4 µm




2.1 - 2.9 litres per minute (depending on water pressure)

Life cycle:

6 months (DIN EN 806)


10.000 litres


9 3/4"

Scope of delivery:

Filter cartridge

Note on filter change according to DIN EN 806

We would like to point out that a filter change every six months is a prerequisite for the functionality and hygiene of the system. If the filter change is not carried out or is not carried out professionally, LEOGANT cannot guarantee the functionality of the water treatment system. The operator himself is liable for any contamination according to DIN EN 806/ DIN EN 1717.


  • How high is the filter performance of GFP Premium?
    Lead (1)
    Copper (1)
    TÜV environment over 90%
    Escherichia coli (2),
    Enterococcus faecalis (2),
    Staphylococcus aureus,
    Staphylococcus haemolyticus,
    Enterobacter cloacae,
    Pseudom. aeruginosa,
    Bacillus subtilis

    Entam. coli,
    Giardia Lamblia,
    Cryptosporodium parvum,
    Hymenolepis nana,
    Schistosoma mansoni,
    Ascaris suum

    Candida albicans,
    Rhodotorula mucilaginosa,
    Saccharomyces cerevisae
    GFT / Uni Bielefeld** over 99%***
    chlorine (1)
    Chloroform (1)
    Lindane (1)
    DDT (1)
    Atrazine (1)
    tti Magdeburg GmbH / FH Magdeburg more than 99%
    Drug residues (1)
    clofibric acid,
    ibuprofen diclofenac,

    **Polar Pesticides** (1)

    **steroid hormones** (1)
    TU Berlin** more than 99%
  • Can filtered pollutants be released again?
    No, so-called bleeding is conditionally not possible. Pollutants once retained in the cartridge are safely anchored in the structure of the cartridge and are not released back into the water even in the event of overloading.
  • Where are the filter cartridges manufactured?
    We offer carbonite monoblock block filters manufactured exclusively in Germany. These guarantee a constant filter fineness, as they are not pressed like other models, but baked. Our cartridges are bacteria-proof and work without the addition of chemicals or silver.
  • How can I dispose of the filter cartridge?
    Although our filter cartridges are mainly made of activated carbon, a certain amount of binding agent is required for production. After a life cycle of 6 months, the cartridge also contains varying concentrations of harmful substances. Drinking water filter cartridges should therefore only be disposed of in household waste. Household waste is mainly incinerated in Germany and residual materials are disposed of correctly.
  • Does the cartridge filter lime?
    No. Minerals and trace elements are not filtered. This includes lime. It is involved in the taste of the water and stabilises the pH value. Water filters that remove lime either change the pH value, enrich the water with sodium or remove all minerals from the water. A LEOGANT filter system is designed to restore the natural balance of the water. Therefore, we do not remove limescale and concentrate on the combination of activated carbon filter and water vitalisation. This way, the water becomes comparably soft, as if it had been reduced by limescale, but remains fresh and pleasant in taste and does not need to be artificially manipulated.

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